Professional Programme in Business & Enterprise Architecture

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The need to deal with complexity increases risks and costs, at a time when most are under pressure to reduce these. At the same time they need to be agile in reacting to market changes and delivering quickly. Responding to these challenges requires sharing of best practice and the right balance of synergy to avoid duplication of effort, while preserving local autonomy.
Susan L. Linnell
Enterprise Architect
Alexander Buijsman
Manager Technology  & Data Management
Swets information Services

The Professional Programme in Business & Enterprise Architecture evaluates these challenges and responses from the viewpoint of key stakeholders in order to increase the capability of Enterprise Architects. Most companies recognize the key role of Enterprises Architects in developing a winning enterprise model through a good understanding of the business strategy and their ability to design agile business and IT operations that achieve lasting superior performance.

The role of the enterprise architect requires a wide knowledge of the business and of the opportunities that arise from an  innovative use of information technology.

In summary, the programme target is to help enterprise architects acquire and develop their knowledge of business and enterprise architecture as well as enhancing the required behavioural skills.