What's EuroCIO? - The EuroCIO Network

Founded in 2004, EuroCIO provides CIOs with a platform for sharing best practices and raising awareness of key IT issues. By bringing CIOs under a European-wide umbrella, EuroCIO gives them a mouthpiece to voice their collective position to the main IT suppliers and European regulatory authorities, to academic institutions and the broader user community.

In fact, the combined total of the IT budgets of our members and partners’ members is currently estimated at more than € 150 billion. This also gives EuroCIO a true legitimacy in terms of representativeness.

A not-for-profit international association,  EuroCIO is governed by a Board of Directors and managed by an operating team under the Secretary General. The Board is made representatives of the members (CIOs) and the following National CIO organisations:

  • CIOforum Belgian Business (Belgium),
  • CIGREF (France),
  • VOICE e.V. (Germany),
  • TUBIYAD (Turkey),
  • VISZ (Hungary),
  • CIO Platform (The Netherlands),
  • AICA (Italy),
  • BCS Elite (UK),
  • CIO Club (Bulgaria),
  • Hellenic CIO association.

The Board also consists of CIOs with no national CIO body affiliation.

The aims of the Board of Directors are to define the Network’s content and strategy, establish clear and transparent rules and maintain an ethical code of conduct. The operating team is in charge of managing the network and services on a day-to-day basis while a handful of highly experienced consultants lend their expertise to the network’s activities.