Executive MBA
Research on existing executive MBAs in Europe showed that none was tailored for top-business people (like CIOs) responsible for large ICT departments, large innovation or digital transformation projects, in general aiming at the renewal of organizations drive by a substantial technology impact. It was felt this new educational offering would fulfil a fundamental need of the CIO community and could solve a considerable and important niche or white spot in the existing education for top business people, interested in business renewal based upon IT. 
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The program consists of nine modules, seven of which have roughly the same set-up. The work-load of each of these seven modules is spread over six months. Each of these seven regular modules has three class sessions, each of which will be held on two consecutive days and will include evening sessions. In order to successfully complete a module, attendance at all sessions is mandatory. The writing of a paper concludes each module. Between the classroom sessions there will be a month to six weeks for self-study, readings, discussions and writing. The sessions are “enriched” by cases studies from CIOs, presented also by CIOs. In particular the link between business and IT (systems, management, projects) is given attention.

The modules are:

- Strategy and Organisation

- Ownership of Enterprise and Governance

- Demand and Supply Management

- Leadership and Co-operation

- Business Processes and Technology

- Change Management and Human Capital

- Risk and Finance

- Marketing, Law,

- Business ethics

All business modules are lectured in the context of IT, while all technical or IT modules are lectured in the context of the business. This all concluded with the Master thesis.