News Flash 2017 Oct #1

DANSK IT Association has joined EuroCIO!

The DANSK IT Association has joined the EuroCIO. Rikke Hvilshøj, the CEO of the DANSK IT Association, will join our EuroCIO Board.

DANSK IT is founded in 1958 and has 7200 members, out of which 65 CIO members. DANSK IT is Denmark's largest special-interest group for IT professionals.

Over and above being a natural participant in the national debate regarding digitalization, DANSK IT offers a wide range of training such as networking, conferences, courses and "close of play" meetings.

Additionally, DANSK IT is a certifying authority for a number of internationally recognized IT training programs for both IT professionals and IT users.

DANSK IT works independently of vested interests in industry, political alliances, unions and sector-related interest groups.

As a member of DANSK IT one becomes part of a professional community with a purpose: a mission to promote IT development in society. Not only for the benefit of IT professionals, but also the individual and for society as a whole.

DANSK IT's by-laws state the following purpose:

To forward and support IT, when and where this creates value for society and for the individual To bring together, support and develop IT users and professionals' competency and capabilities On an independent basis to service the IT interests of both society and the members

The DANSK IT Association current top political agendas are Digitalization in the public sector, digital competences, management in a digital society and cybersecurity.

We welcome Denmark and Rikke to the European CIO Association!

Emmanuel Gaudin and Thomas Endres.

Co-Chairmen EuroCIO