E. Gaudin & T. Endres, new chairmen

Emmanuel Gaudin (Lagardère Chief Information Officer) and Thomas Endres (Chairman of VOICE Network- Germany) are new Presidents of the European CIO Association succeeding Freddy Van den Wyngaert.

The European CIO Association (EuroCIO) is the only European, independent, not-for-profit representative for the large IT-users at the demand side (www.eurocio.org).

In coordination with the 10 national associations of CIOs in Europe and representing the largest user community, EuroCIO is influencing and positioning towards IT vendors and European Union authorities.
Freddy Van den Wyngaert who started the collaborative transformation of EuroCIO in the last 3 years is now Secretary General and Jérôme Fourmont remains the network director.

Emmanuel about this new position as President of EuroCIO

"This position is a real challenge but also opportunity for both of us. I’m already member of EuroCIO for a long time and also Board member, but as President I'll becoming more the face of the Association to the outside world. We built over the last years a strong relation with the European Commission and are a major player in many EC projects focused on skills and leadership, cybersecurity and Cloud computing. I look forward working with this great EuroCIO team to level up and to expand with more direct member CIO's and to cooperate with European Commission. We also see that the role of the CIO is more and more shifting to innovation and digital transformation and is becoming a key business and strategic function. A lot to cover for our existing and future CIO’s! 

Thomas about this new position as President of EuroCIO

" This position is a real driver to work on the further professionalization of the IT job at the users’ IT demand side. This gives an opportunity to combine the strength of individual companies with the National Bodies and their visions and plans. I'm looking forward to even level up the Association with more members and more National Bodies (today we have 10 countries as member with their National CIO organizations) and to face also the key global vendors in the discussion on challenges encountered by our members. I'm already for a long time member first as CIO and thereafter as key stakeholder and Board member to represent VOICE, the German CIO Network. Key objective is to combine the power of the various CIO networks associated with EuroCIO by increasing working together, focusing on pan-European, strengthening the cross European approach and reducing the overlap between the networks. 

About the European Association

The European CIO Association (EuroCIO) is the only European, independent, not-for-profit representative for large IT users (demand side of IT), both private and public. 

With far more than 1000 organizations, represented by their highest IT Manager or CIO and representing over more than 700 000 IT workers, EuroCIO is the largest in its kind also at global level, with links to other CIO organizations worldwide. 

Main objectives of EuroCIO is covered by the 4 'I's: Interaction, Integration, Influencing and Innovation. This is via 2 ways: 

- Representing externally the larger user communities towards the main suppliers as well as European authorities, like the European Commission and European Parliament, etc. 

- Sharing experiences, inspiring each other while developing vision and sharing best practices at a European level, for the better or best use of technology. This is mainly done via internal Councils and Workgroups, newsletters and network events for the National CIO Communities and the Direct Members. 

For further information please contact Jérôme Fourmont, EuroCIO Network Director! 

Jérôme Fourmont, EuroCIO Network Director 
Freddy Van den Wyngaert, EuroCIO Secretary-General