National CIO Organizations

One of the missions of the European CIO Association is to act as a platform for the national CIO organizations across Europe. Each of the associated CIO bodies have different backgrounds and histories, but they have this in common, their members are CIOs and senior level IS staff from the demand side.

  • CIOforum Belgian Business – Belgium
    The CIO forum aims to connect IT of Belgian Business in a structured networking activity where experiences can be consulted and exchanged and inter-relate with business leaders and innovative vendors. Members are expected to have a business mindset and be prepared to share knowledge and think out-of-the-box.
  • CIO Club Bulgaria - Bulgaria
    The CIO Club Bulgaria was established in 2007 as a voluntary association of CIOs cooperating to increase the role of the CIO position and sharing the vision of the importance of information technologies as strategic driver for growth, efficiency, competition and value creation.

  • CIGREF – France (Associate Partner)
    Founded in 1970, CIGREF brings together 128 French companies and organizations from all sectors of the economy.

  • Hellenic CIO forum – Greece
    The Hellenic Institute Information and Communication Management was established in 1985. Within the frame of reference of HMA's more general aims, the Institute constitutes the main collective expression and representation of those people who believe in the critical role of information science, and who work systematically for the development and implementation of information technology.
  • VOICE-EV – Germany
    VOICE-EV brings together CIOs together from across the entire spectrum of the German economy.
  • VISZ – Hungary
    The VISZ (or MVISZ) is an association of CIOs representing the biggest Hungarian companies from different business areas, including banking, retail, production, and government agencies.
  • AICA – Italy
    Founded in 1961, AICA (Associazione Italiana per l’Informatica e il Calcolo Automatico) is the oldest, most authoritative and best known Informatics Association in Italy from all sectors including public and private.
  • CIO Platform – The Netherlands
    CIO Platform is an association of CIOs and IT directors from private and public organizations in the Netherlands. The connected companies and organizations have a combined turnover of more than € 500 million on an annual basis.
  • TÜBİYAD – Turkey
    Established in 2010 with the main objective to become Turkey’s finance and IT center for Europe, the Middle East and Turkic Republics, TÜBIYAD is the only and largest formal establishment in Turkey for CIOs.
    BCS ELITE, the Computing Leadership Forum, is for those who make distinguished and influential contributions to computing leadership in and across communities. ELITE, a member group within the BCS, is a foremost forum for CIOs, IT Directors and other IT leaders; any computing leader who meets the ELITE membership criteria is welcome to apply to join.
  • CIO Council Romania
    Started in 2005 CIO Council Romania is an independent and non-profit association and vendor-neutral that group together CIOs from the largest and the most important companies from Romania. We are the only association that represent the CIO profession in Romania and we advocate on IT-related issues that impact Romanian business environment.